【IELTS】 會話課程:熱門話題及應答技巧 (一堂體驗優惠) IELTS Speaking Course : Popular Topics and How to Answer Them

【IELTS】 會話課程:熱門話題及應答技巧 (一堂體驗優惠) IELTS Speaking Course : Popular Topics and How to Answer Them


【Course Content 課程內容】

This is a course that is intended to prepare speakers for the most popular types of questions asked in the IELTS speaking section and is intended for anyone preparing for IELTS.

To ensure authenticity and the most accurate pronunciation, a native English speaker will be teaching this course. However, course instructions will still include Cantonese to ensure it is suitable for English learners at any level. 

Students can expect to learn various topics that may be asked in the oral examination and familiarize themselves with them accordingly with the exam format. Each topic will be explained in detail, with the strategy to tackle them broken down. 

完整課程針對 IELTS 會話 (Speaking) 考試提供常見考核問題及應試技巧,適合所有應考 IELTS 人士。 



【Submission Service 真人指導服務】 

Please note that this course also includes a submission service where the instructor will offer feedback on student video or audio submissions in addition to detailed video instructions, slides, and resource material for additional study and reference.



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可透過此連結報讀完整課程: https://bit.ly/3mhNlqc


Ken 哥哥; 來自加拿大的英語導師及專欄作家

來自加拿大的英語導師。以英語為母語的 Ken 哥哥(伍建瑜)自小移民到加拿大,就讀知名學府 Simon Fraser University,以 Dean's Honour Roll 卓越成績畢業。具中學任教經驗,亦曾在大型補習社任職補習老師。現任「經濟一周」專欄作家(職場英語),同時是一名英語教學 YouTuber。