Speaking Part 2 高階思維練習

Speaking Part 2 高階思維練習


【Speaking Exercise】

This IELTS speaking course focuses on part 2 of the exam, each video includes one speaking exercise. Students can find the exam information in the first video for easy reference. 

If you are totally ready for the practice, feel free to pause the video and record before listening to the general tips. Students can download course handouts from “Resources” prior to the lesson. The tutor talks about suggestions and common mistakes among local students. A sample question is included in every video, students can record and upload their practice on our platform for comments and feedback.



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BExcellent IELTS; 遵理集團成員,匯聚眾多專業應試名師

BExcellent 開辦各階段針對 IELTS 應試預備課程,針對訓練學員熟習 IELTS (Academic / General Training)考核形式、題形及技巧。資深英語導師拆解由各分卷重點,教授寫作、聆聽、會話;語法、句子以及詞彙運用,強化學員英語能力以及應試技巧。