【IELTS】寫作課程(學術模式):應考策略指南 (連3次批改) Writing Course (Academic): The Complete Strategy Guide

【IELTS】寫作課程(學術模式):應考策略指南 (連3次批改) Writing Course (Academic): The Complete Strategy Guide


【Course Content 課程內容】

This course is complete with step-by-step instructions for all parts of the IELTS Academic Writing section and is intended for anyone preparing for IELTS. This course includes detailed video instructions, slides, and resource material for additional study and reference.

本課程為 IELTS 學術模式寫作 (Academic Writing) 教學,逐步拆解考試細節。教學方式及課程內容適合所有應考 IELTS 人士。課程包含詳細的影片說明、簡報及額外參考資料。

【Tactics and Reproducible Strategies 實用應試技巧】

The course is instructed in a way that is mindful of everyone’s varied English proficiency. This writing course focuses on tactics and reproducible strategies to get students writing right away, no matter their current English level.


【Accessible Lesson Format 簡單易明的教學】

Despite the accessible lesson format, students can rest assured that the English level taught in the course is not watered-down, and the instructor is a native English speaker.



Ken 哥哥; 來自加拿大的英語導師及專欄作家

來自加拿大的英語導師。以英語為母語的 Ken 哥哥(伍建瑜)自小移民到加拿大,就讀知名學府 Simon Fraser University,以 Dean's Honour Roll 卓越成績畢業。具中學任教經驗,亦曾在大型補習社任職補習老師。現任「經濟一周」專欄作家(職場英語),同時是一名英語教學 YouTuber。